UK Freebies Game of Thrones Catch up with Now TV Free Trial worth it’s weight in Dragon Gold

June 11, 2015 at 06:18

Now TV offerings include many of the latest movies via it’s Sky Movies Month Pass, where you get the opportunity to catch up on all those great films you missed out on at the cinema currently including the likes of Kingsmen: The Secret Service and Alpha Papa.

With Gratisfaction UK’s popular freebie UK viewers you can expect to enjoy up to 16 movie premieres during your free trial month, together with 1000s amazing top movies on demand and at your fingertips. You can start your 30 day free trial of Sky Movies now, cancel before the free subscription ends or pay £9.99 per month thereafter. The greatest thing about NOW TV? No contract or commitment – you can simply drop or add-on a service whenever you like!

If you’d rather not stick to the cinema for the latest oscar-winning, blockbuster movie releases then you could instead go for a 30 day free trial of NOW TV’s Entertainment Pass. This will give you ample time to catch up on the latest insense season of Game Of Thrones and give you access to 13 of the best pay TV entertainment channels like Sky Atlantic, Sky One and 11 other great premium channels with lots of the most TV Shows. Even if you are not into John Snow and Co, shows like Penny Dreadful, Elementary and the spooky but brilliant Enfield Haunting all offer much more are all available live as scheduled and on demand with your freebies UK Now TV 30 day trial brought to you by Gratisfaction UK. In addition, there’s around 250 complete Boxsets for you to plough through so whether you fancy being an Idiot Abroad with Karl Pilkington or fancy getting stuck in to some Daredevil there’s a TV marathon waiting for you.

For sports fan Whether you can enjoy this summer’s Ashes with a Sky Sports Pass which offers you a unique option to watch English Premier League football with no strings this August, with no contract and no hassle. That’s all 7 Sky Sports channels so you’ll also be able to catch the Rugby, Golf, WWE, Cricket World Cup and everything else that’s coming this summer in 2015.

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